What are cookies?

Cookies, an indispensable tool.

Cookies are simple text files:

  • Temporarily or permanently stored on your phone or mobile device (but also in some cases in your web browser) on your internet browsing,
  • sent back to the website in question to enable it to recognize you on subsequent visits.

A dual function

Unfamiliar to users, cookies on our site is useful, even indispensable for browsing the internet because they allow web site publishers:

  • to improve the performance of their site,
  • to offer a better browsing experience for users.

Important: Keep in mind that cookies jeopardize either your privacy or your security because they do not keep data that identifies you as someone out to identify your device. Moreover, they involve no security risk because they can carry viruses or other harmful file for your device.

If you want more information about cookies, their operation and use, you can visit the websitewww.allaboutcookies.org(English site). This site also provides tips on how to control or delete cookies that you have accepted.

Like most websites,arkalome.es uses cookies. These can be classified into 4 categories.

Cookies needed for navigation

Without them, you could not just browse arkalome.es and use different features, such as customer area. They also allow us to remember some of the information you provide, for example, a request for quotation.

Functional cookies

These cookies to archive your browsing preferences on arkalome.es (and only arkalome.es) by storing the different choices you have made during your last visit to our website and allow us to re-propose you to simplify your visit to our site. Without them, it would be impossible for example to personalize your home page.

Performance Cookies

These cookies anonymously collect certain information when you visit arkalome.es like how you arrived at the site (by the integration of a site’s URL in your web browser or indirectly by a query in a search engine) or the pages you visit most often.
Purpose of these cookies: allow us to analyze the browsing behavior on the site anonymously for optimization purposes.

Advertising cookies

Cookies help arkalome.es and its partners offer personalized banners based on your browsing experiencearkalome.es. The advantage forarkalome.es: really interesting broadcast targeted content and users to optimize the efficiency of its campaigns and relevance of its content.

Note: excluding those for advertising, cookies used by the site arkalome.es do not require your consent.

The information they collect is purely anonymous.

How to manage cookies?

Cookies: a setting of your web browser

You can set your browser so that:

  • prohibit the sending of cookies
  • accepts the sending of cookies for certain sites considered “trusted”
  • accepts sending cookies to the site you’re browsing.

How to set your web browser?

Click the name of your browser to change the management of cookies:

Our advice: do not disable cookies as this will prevent you to enjoy the functionality of some sites whose service proposal depends on the use of these cookies. This is particularly the casearkalome.es.